1What is SHARC ?
SHARC is a canine hydrotherapy centre management system designed to manage all your client data in one single software package. Its easy to use, intuitive and smart saving you endless hours of paper work.
2How easy is it to use?
SHARC has been designed to minimise data entry by pre-selecting options with its in-built intelligence. Quite simply it is very easy to use without the need for any specific training.
3Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use SHARC?
Yes. SHARC is a cloud based application which means you can use SHARC on any internet enabed device.
4How do I pay for my subscription?
The monthly fee is taken by Direct Debit meaning you do not have to worry once you have completed the online Direct Debit Mandate.
5How do I backup my data?
Since SHARC is hosted in the Cloud your data is backed up every day automatically. Should you have to restore any data this can be done very easily with a call to our support team.
6How do I get the latest version of SHARC?
When a new version of SHARC is released you will automatically start using the new version straight away the next time you log in.
7Can I use SHARC on my smart phone or tablet?
Yes. Since SHARC is cloud based you can login in to SHARC using any device with an internet connection and browser.
8Can I print off receipts?
Yes. When entering a point of sale transaction you have the option to print off a receipt. The receipts are available to be re-printed at any time.
9Is training available?
Training is available remotely. A technician can remotely log onto your PC and walk you through the software and answer any questions you may have.
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