Simple but effective system navigation and user interface design eliminates the need for dedicated training sessions and promotes ease of use and maintainability.

Rigorous data entry checks provide assurance that all information entered is completely valid and error free, giving you peace of mind on the integrity of your data.

Reporting is a key element for any business. Reports can be generated to extract information to provide statistical analysis on clients, retail products, vet referrals, patient attendance records or any other aspect of data held in your system. This can aid in quickly identifying those areas to target for example when building a marketing campaign.


The dashboard allows you to see all your day’s appointments in one place. It will also remind you to take payments and enter treatment notes if you happen to forget. From here you can easily view the patient’s last treatment notes entered or view or print them for all patients for the whole day. You can also go straight to entering treatment notes and taking payments.

Client Records

SHARC lets you record all the important information you would expect plus much more. You can add additional contacts and view all the appointments past and present for that client. Easily email or print the client’s upcoming appointments in one go and manage their account.

Patient Records

Patient records are linked to their owner so you can see them all in one place. You can upload photos and video of the patient straight from your smart phone or tablet. Here you can enter their veterinary referral details, treatment notes, measurements and lots more.


SHARC allows you to configure up to 10 separate calendars to be used for whatever you like. You can also enter notes on the diary to remind yourself to do things or book out time when you might be closed.

Appointment Booking

Quickly and easily book appointments for clients. The patient field will automatically only show animals belonging to the client selected. You can set to repeat the appointment for a set number of days, weeks or months.

Appointment confirmations can be set to email the client straight away to confirm the booking or if the appointment has been changed or cancelled.

Email & SMS Reminders

Reduce those patient no-shows by sending Email and SMS appointment reminders automatically. You can set these to send 1-3 days in advance of the appointment.

Patient Referral History

Easily record the patient's history, the referring vet centre and surgeon, primary and secondary conditions, medical history, vet diagnosis, medication, short-term and long- term treatment plans plus much more.

Treatment Notes

SHARC enables you to write treatment notes quickly and easily with its ‘Copy Last Entry’ feature. You can view, print and create a PDF of the treatment notes too.  Our newest feature also allows you to configure your own notes so you can decide exactly what you want to record. You can create multiple templates and assign them to your equipment so the correct template will display when entering your notes.

Muscular & Skeletal Image Annotation

Annotate multiple muscular and skeletal images of your patients highlighting key areas of focus for treatment. These images along with your annotation can also be directly included in our quick build Vet Report feature enabling referring vets to easily see areas and types of treatment being applied.

Vet Reporting

Our quick build Vet Report feature takes all the patient, owner and vet details to produce a template ready for you to write your report. It also allows integration of treatment notes and image annotations to further enhance the report. The report is stored against the patient file in PDF format making sure all your patient documents are organised and all in one place.

Measurement Charts

SHARC provides the ability to see all measurements recorded for a patient in tabular and chart form. This is especially useful to include in vet reports, for example, to show progress made with weight loss or muscle mass gained.

Water Tests

For Canine and Equine hydrotherapists, the water tests function allows you to record multiple tests throughout the day for each piece of equipment. You can record all your results and any action taken as well as having the ability to export the results to a file.


SHARC keeps track of your client accounts  showing you exactly what has been purchased and when. It will also tell you if accounts have outstanding balances and for how long. You can print off Insurance Invoices and Statement of Accounts as well as export the data to file.


Entering payments couldn’t be easier. The Point of Sale function lists all your services and any products you sell all in one place. You can define your payment types and either take payment there and then or add the balance to the client’s account to pay later.

Veterinary Centres

Log all your referring Veterinary Centres and associated surgeons all in one place. As these are linked to Patient Referral Records you can easily see which Vets/Surgeons have referred which patients, when and for which conditions. It’ll also pull up a map to show you their location, handy if you are planning site visits.


SHARC enables you to see many aspects of your data for example Sales, Aged Debtors, Water Tests, Missed Appointments and Veterinary Referrals to name a few. You can also export data so you can apply your own filters to see exactly what you want to see. This can be useful when building a marketing campaign.


There are lots of configuration options in SHARC to make SHARC work for your business. For example, you can determine the wording in your reminder emails and when you want them to automatically send.

GDPR Compliance

If you store data for customers based in the European Union, you are subject to GDPR regulation. SHARC has an inbuilt feature that allows you to maintain your data with the option to remove all information held for selected clients if you need to.

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